What is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?

Solution Focused Therapy was developed in America in the 1980s by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg. After spending many years engaged with traditional problem orientated therapeutic models and being frustrated with the limitations of these, for both clients, and therapists, they developed a solution-based approach. Central to this approach is the belief that the client already holds the solutions to their problems. The therapist’s role is to help them to recognise what these are. By working collaboratively and respectfully solution focused therapy helps clients to build a picture of what life will look like when the problem no longer exists. Before setting out on any journey it is usually more effective if you know where you want to go- as it makes getting there successfully far more likely. Sometimes our problems get in the way of picturing what we want, and how we would like things to be. We get stuck, and are immobilised, often by fear. We know that we want things to be different, to feel differently, but have no clear idea of what this looks like. We have no road map, or destination. Solution Focused Therapy encourages clients to develop this for themselves by asking questions in a way that allows the brain to start to develop a picture of a preferred future. The clearer this becomes the greater the possibility of it beginning to happen.

The pioneers of Solution Focused Therapy were greatly influenced by Milton Erickson’s work. He is credited as being the father of modern Hypnotherapy, which is based on the idea that solutions to problems could be found by focusing on the positive aspects of a situation.

I often get asked what Hypnotherapy is. Because we’ve probably all seen the stage shows and the marvellous Derren Brown, it seems to be steeped in mystery and drama. And this is exactly what it is not. A hypnotherapist uses auditory, visual or other perceptual cues to create a trance like state for the client. The power of suggestion within trance helps you to change the way you behave, how you feel and how you see things. Trance is extremely normal, and something we all go into several times a day, when day dreaming, driving a familiar route, or reading a book and realising you haven’t taken any of the words in. Trance is when we are able to use the whole of our brain- both the conscious and the subconscious parts, to see the world as it really is, and to make our own decisions and choices. While I could never claim to be as entertaining as Derren Brown, I will have more impact on helping you to use all of your own inner resources to get back on track, and feel more in control of your life and your emotions.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a safe, modern therapy that combines the use of psychotherapy (Solution Focused Therapy) and hypnosis. It has its basis in neuroscience and offers a holistic approach to enhancing wellbeing and mental health. By rewiring our brains to focus on how we would like them to be, we are using our complete minds, to the very best of our ability, allowing us to become the very best version of ourselves.