September’s Blog

Meet My Muse, David Dogglehoff

Recently I had to learn a seven-page script presentation. With my menopausal brain this task became a life-threatening polar bear about to finish me off. Unlike Julia Roberts in Notting Hill, I didn’t have Hugh Grant helping me become word perfect, just my dog Dave, looking perplexed but doing his best to be supportive. This task became an obsession. As did all the ways it could go wrong, and how I could publicly disgrace myself and never be able to show my face again this side of Solihull.

So, after tears and tantrums, the day arrived, and apart from the bit where I forgot to breathe, and had a bit of a dizzy spell (of course) I completed the task, word perfectly. But in my head, I was still recovering from the embarrassment of my many perceived failures that I had envisioned throughout the previous month.

As I was leaving the room I was told how fantastic it was, and I wondered why I had wasted some much energy with self doubt, making a challenging task even harder. Being my own worst enemy

David Dogglehoff never doubted me for a second.

My message is simple. Whether you have Hugh Grant or

David Dogglehoff to help you out, believe in yourself first

and foremost.

Because how we think controls what we become.

Choose your thoughts wisely.